Beach to City Challenge

Screenland 5K + BRA Run = Bonus bling featuring the fabulous Greta Garbo!

This cinematic legend and breast cancer survivor called Culver City home, so we are celebrating her with the Beach to City Challenge!

You must do both events back to back. You can do the 5K at Screenland and then either the 5K or the 14K at the BRA Run and you will be able to claim the bonus medal at the finish line festival of the BRA Run on August 28th at Dockweiler Beach . If you miss Screenland in 2022, you can start the challenge at BRA Run in August and complete it at Screenland in 2023.

We will be publishing a list of those who are qualified on the BRA Run website in August, before that event. You can check there to make sure we have you on the list after you register.

Sign up for both events at the same time or register for the BRA Run at the finish line festival after the Screenland 5K in 2022, and get a discount on registration.

Thank you so much to the ©Harriet Brown Inc for working with us to bring you the iconic images of the great Greta Garbo that are used in our challenge medals.

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