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The “Turning Point” of the Screenland 5k, by the Metro Station at the intersection of National and Washington, marks the last turn runners will make before the final dash to the finish line in downtown Culver.

Nestled into a beautiful campus just one block south of this turn sits the location of Turning Point School, one of our Golden Wizard Presenting Sponsors. Easily accessible from both the new Platform area and Helms Bakery District, Turning Point occupies the former Hal Roach Studios lot, which was the Laugh Factory to the World from 1919-1963, including the home of Our Gang and Laurel and Hardy comedies.

As an independent day school serving approximately 350 students between preschool and 8th grade, Turning Point draws students from areas across the west Los Angeles area including Venice, Santa Monica, Playa Vista, Hancock Park, Beverly Hills, Cheviot Hills and, of course, Culver City. The school has been a proud member of the Culver City community since 2001, although its beginnings extend back to 1970 when it was founded as a Montessori Preschool in Bel Air.

Turning Point is committed to educating the whole child, instilling a natural love of learning, and providing the foundation for continuing education and beyond. Its spacious classrooms, art studio, storytelling centers, multimedia centers, SmartLab, science labs, 10,000-square-foot gymnasium, and visual and performing arts center all embody a state-of-the-art design that reflects the quality of the school’s mission.

With a particular focus on global awareness and integration, Turning Point teaches students to imagine themselves as members of a society where borders are expanding, and communities are crossing continents and parting seas.

“We are more than just a place that inspires learning, but a community that carefully and thoughtfully helps our children develop the strength of character needed to become compassionate leaders,” said Will Segar, Elementary Division Head.

A Turning Point education immerses students in rich learning experiences that encourage and build natural curiosity and reward ingenuity – with the goal of helping students become well-balanced adults who are confident, honest, knowledgeable, community-focused, globally oriented, joyful, and well prepared to face a challenging and changing world.

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