Screenland 5K Goals

Screenland 5K develops community


The purpose of the Culver City Centennial Screenland 5K and Munchkin Kids Dash is to “develop community” in a healthful and recreational context where participants can interact in a fun, entertaining and safe way, celebrating the city’s heritage and diversity.  Screenland 5K, Inc. is a non-profit public charity 501 (c) (3) raising funds for local charities and for an extraordinary experience for volunteers, runners, spectators and partners.


Acknowledge milestones that shaped Culver City’s history of achievement with an emphasis on entertainment and athletics

Objective: Experience backlots at the Heart of Screenland’s signature studios–Sony Pictures and Culver Studios.

Objective: Feature Culver City’s role as pioneer of Olympic movement in 1932 and 1984 Games and as Special Olympics headquarters.

Objective: Recognize local notables in arts and athletics.

Objective: Commemorate Western Hemisphere Marathon and its founder, Syd Kronenthal, late Director of Parks and Recreation. Acknowledge Culver City Sister Cities Committee marathon exchange with Kaizuka, Japan.

Objective: Pass 100 points of interest on the Centennial Trail directed by entertainers, props and placards.

Champion Culver City as a destination, fostering collaboration of public & private constituencies

Objective: Show off community assets by providing an extraordinary participant experience, offering activities and venues to appeal to a variety of audiences.

Objective: Involve city agencies, clubs, schools, neighborhoods, and other interest groups to produce and promote the event.

Objective: Raise funds for constituencies in a collaborative effort of marketing (more runners), sponsorships (cash and in-kind contributions of services and products) and volunteers (reduced manpower costs).

Objective: Produce a “sustainable” event by working with Culver City Environmental Services Division and other public and private agencies to minimize footprint.

Support fitness and recreation in Culver City with an affordable, fun and safe experience

Objective: Conduct recreational activity that appeals to many abilities and demographics to demonstrate Culver City’s commitment to sound bodies and minds.

Ancillary goals or objectives:
 Provide growth experiences and leadership opportunities for volunteers and partners; Leave a legacy; Enhance civic engagement.

We really had a great time.  What a wonderful way for the community to get together and celebrate.

Rich Hibbs

Treasurer,Culver City Education Foundation

“ The Screenland 5K was a roaring success! Thank you for all your hard work to pull it off. It was one of my favorite races. I’m having a hard time thinking of any other race that was as much fun. I know it was billed as “Once in a Century,” but you have a lot of people who hope to see it happen again sooner. 

Monica Bell

Assistant Principal, Culver City Unified School District

“ The event was so well organized and staff so friendly and helpful. I loved the music and entertainment along the course and the opportunity to dress up. I hope this becomes an annual event! 

Leanne Sakamoto

“ I live in Culver City, and the Screenland 5k was my first 5k.  It was fantastic. I don’t think I am ever going to find one as great, since it embodies both the athletic and cultural atmosphere that I love.  Thank you for putting on such a great event!

Tamar Fuhrer

“ Thank you for a perfect race experience today.

Warren Mullisen

The Screenland 5K Race of the Century was a huge success! On behalf of the City Council, thank you. Thousands of participants enjoyed a nostalgic journey through the City’s history as the “Heart of Screenland.”  Everyone had a great time.

Jim B. Clarke

Wizard, Culver City Councilman

The detail, time and love that went into this 5k was beyond amazing. Everyone was so impressed. Over 3,500 people showed up from all over the place. Be proud. Thank you for making such a special event.

Colleen Jones

I loved the entertainers on the course.  Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland were singing their classic songs as we went back and forth on the road outside Sony Studios.  The band at the turnaround point played a whimsical theme song from the Andy Griffith show.  That really made it fun!


I am newer to 5ks, but this was the best and most entertaining 5K I have done. Thank you! It was one that I would repeat. 

Rebecca Lynch

Administrator, Culver City Unified School District

Everyone did a fabulous job.  The entire Screenland 5K team was a kick!  What a wild and crazy day with drizzle, rainbows, and sunshine.  The weather didn’t seem to faze the community, and so many people participated.  It was an exciting day and a rewarding experience–a fantastic community event!

Pat Levinson

I just wanted to say how wonderful I thought everything was today!  The entertainment was spectacular, the costumes were terrific, and the energy was so positive and fun!  And I learned a lot about Culver City history that I hadn’t known. Thank you so much for including CCEF as one of the beneficiaries of this amazing community celebration. 

Wendy Hamill

Outgoing President, Culver City Education Foundation

To add to the wondrous magic, our drive started with a real rainbow as we entered the 10 freeway! We visited the magic of Sony Pictures – MGM Studios and Culver Studios alive with magical characters singing and dancing with us as we ran by.  See you somewhere over the rainbow!

June Caldwell

Congratulations on the best 5k ever.  It was so much fun to run through the studios, under the rainbow, across the music groups and with Marilyn Monroe.  It couldn’t have been better.  It was clear how much time and thought went into making it special.  Thank you.

Karen Dolce

My good friend organizes charity runs and says it couldn’t have been better organized and that 3500 people for a first-time run is unprecedented.  This was a fantastic event!

Jane Solie Niles

Today was a blast! Thanks for making it all happen.

Joshua Arnold

Superintendent, Culver City Unified School District

That was such a great event.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, was saying how fun it was and how well done it was.  The citizens of Culver City and Gordie’s Culver City High School friends, who flew here from Sacramento for the event, said it was great.

Leslie Gardner

Officer, Culver City PTA

I cannot adequately state how amazing the Screenland 5K was.  From the fantastic volunteers at packet pickup, to running into neighbors at the start line because it was a true community event, to the fantastic costumes, to the great expo at the end.  The route was fantastic.  I had never been to Sony or Culver studios.  I loved how many musical acts came out and the different performers from the schools.

Tamar Fuhrer

Rain and shine, all participants wore a shine on their face and on their costumes.  I was delighted by the entertainment from the stage and along the way with song and dance.

Suzanne Larkey

We love the community and had a great time at the Screenland 5K, running into all our friends and celebrating the day.  Please make it happen again next year!

Deborah Komatsu

Congrats and well done! On behalf of the many LA Leggers out there yesterday, as well as many friends and neighbors here in Culver City, JOB WELL DONE!  I know how much work an event like this can be, and the Screenland 5K committee did a terrific job. Thanks, and here’s hoping we can run Culver City again next year.

John J. Flynn

I loved the course through the studios and past the 100 points of lore and the historic Culver Hotel.


Thank you Screenland 5K for the great honor of awarding our #teamOZumba with the Team Concept Award! It was icing on the cake of a glorious day down the Yellow Brick Road with 3,000 close personal friends as characters in the Wizard of Oz through one iconic movie studio after another.

June Caldwell

I love these events around Culver City’s Centennial. They build community. I think we should do them every year.

Erik Paesel

 I can’t wait to do it again next year! 

Shirley Wong Choi

Accolades to the Screenland 5K committee.  What a fabulous event! So many details were beautifully taken care of. From my booth I could see what a great time everyone was having and how successful the run was. Everyone did a beautiful job.

Diana Escudero

Epic event!

Denise Isabella

On behalf of the parents, Cub Scouts and siblings who ran the Screenland 5k, a big Thank You for a terrific event!  I got a lot of positive feedback from those who participated, from the ease of the course, sceneries, music and the cool finishing medal!

Marc Rehm

The Southland Ghostbusters had as much fun working our Screenland 5K as we did having them there.

Mike King

Thank you all for the hard work, organization, and effort in putting together such an amazing 5K.  I had never run a 5K or any distance beyond 1.5 miles.  I’m a proud resident of Culver City, so enthusiastically signed up and this became my motivation to stay on pace with my new Couch-to-5K training program.  When I’d run along Sepulveda, I’d see the Screenland 5K banner and it kept me going.

Tamar Fuhrer

I had a great time! This was my first 5K, and now my daughter and I want to do more! Thank you so much for organizing!

Kathy Vigil

Great course, great event.  I wish you could do it every year instead of 100 years from now.  I’m not sure I can survive for another 100 years.


We had an amazing time.

Mia Gorman

What a fun day it was! We kicked off the fun doing a Zumba demo at main stage to Ease on Down the Road led by our own Julie Schatz.  There were swag bags, food booths, bands, singing, dancing and photo ops galore, our kinda party!  I hope this is an annual event!

June Caldwell

 The Screenland 5K was very well done.  Nice work and thank you!

Lila Rogers Swenson

It was truly amazing. What an event! Bravo! Thank you!

Karine Fitoussi Newman

It was so well done!  All the work they put in really shows. It was an outstanding race.

Frances Wattman Rosenau

It was by far one of the best races I’ve participated in. I’m so proud of our city! Huge thanks to all the organizers!

Monica Bell

This was the best 5K race that Culver City has ever seen.  It took a lot of work, and it was a job well done.  Thanks for a great time.  I had a fun time (but it went by too fast)!

Craig Schoenbaum

I really loved how the Screenland 5K brought the community together and showed off how fantastic Culver City is.  I hope that you are all really happy with how the event turned out, and that it accomplished all of the goals of the event.  Thank you so much again for putting on such a great race!

Tamar Fuhrer

Great event!

Scott Walker

It was so much fun. All the thought and planning that went into the Screenland 5K is deeply appreciated.

Danielle DeSimone Sablik

It was the most fun 5K I have ever attended. It was wonderful seeing friends throughout the race.

Betty Rostamian

The Screenland 5k team did a great job! As it got closer to the race, I looked around and realized for an event this size and complex with so many moving pieces it was exceptional.  We, the city and residents feel so lucky. JOB WELL DONE!

Marcus G. Tiggs

Chairman, Fiesta La Ballona

I understand that this race was in part of celebrating Culver City 100 years, but will this race be yearly (crossing fingers)?  Thank you!  I am very glad to see that the 5k was a huge success this year.

Sandra Adams

Great job Screenland 5K team!

Nancy Perdomo-Browning

President, Culver City Sister City Committee

I wore my Screenland 5K t-shirt to the Council meeting last night in honor of this outstanding community event!

Meghan Sahli-Wells

Culver City Councilperson

I hope they do the Screenland 5K again next year.

Kristine Nex

Congrats on a great race! What a perfectly wonderful day. Our families and staff enjoyed themselves immensely, from our runners and walkers, to musicians, announcers, and cheering station.  Thank you so much for including us in this day and for creating such a fun experience for families and participants from all over Culver City and beyond.

Courtney Baker

Director of Communications and Marketing, Turning Point School

Thank you for this fantastic race.  It was a great community event, and it motivated many kids, scouts, and parents to run and exercise more often.  We were delighted to help and be part of it.  Thanks to the other organizers and volunteers!  Screenland 5K, 2018?

Christophe Bragard

My only regret is that you set the bar so high, that I think I will be disappointed when I enter another 5K, because it won’t be as amazing as this one.  I really hope that – even though it was billed as a “Once in a Century Event” – the Screenland 5K returns.  I would happily sign up every year, and next time, in costume.

Tamar Fuhrer

I hope the Screenland 5K committee is basking in the success of the event. It was a really fun time, and our runners really enjoyed the race.  It was fantastic!

Stacy Dylan

Connecting to Cure

Great event!  I even have the old high school post-race regrets that I didn’t try harder. I have to train next year to win my age group!  Troop 108 had a great time, and were happy to help in the race preparations.

Dan O'Brien

The Screenland 5K was an amazing event!

Bob Wayne

The race was great.  My husband and I dressed up as Dorothy and the Scarecrow.  It was nice to see a lot of runners dress up in costumes.  It made the run enjoyable.

Taryn Nishiki

We had a great time.

Denise Howard Pedersen

I am so impressed. I run in these things all the time. What a fabulous, fabulous event!

Kelly Kent

Officer, Culver City Board of Education

I have been looking forward to this very fun and exciting event all year.

Kim Braun

Environmental Director, City of Culver City

Congratulations on the amazing success of the Screenland 5K!

Todd Johnson

I had a blast! I received a lot of positive feedback from attendees, volunteers and city officials, alike.

Pearl Sheets

Seeing everyone in action on Sunday was great!  Always remember, there’s no place like home!

George and Cindy Young

I know the race was a part of the centennial celebration, but my Legger friends are hoping you will have it again next year.  Everyone who put it together, and the volunteers did a great job!

Linda Whitehead

Bring back the Screenland 5K!

Joanna Brody

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be involved in such a great event. It was a fantastic 5K and how wonderful to see so many Culver City residents participating. Everyone is saying they hope it will be an annual event.  Everyone did an amazing job!

Kirsten Bell

The Ultimate 5k! WOW (With Out Words) is all we can say for this FANTASTIC community event. All of the hard work with the volunteers and the community was on display! Everyone did a wonderful job in this great event for our community!  Kudos to everyone involved! THANK YOU is simply not enough!

Janice Beighey

The Screenland 5K was a wonderful and well-organized event. It was so much fun for my whole family. I hope something similar can happen again.  Great job!

Kara Block

Congratulations for all the hard work everyone put in to achieve the goal of a 5K in Culver City. It is the best course I have ever been on. Thanks to Sony and Culver Studios for opening up their doors. Thanks to all the volunteers! Thanks to our city!

Sandy Checel

Masters race walker titlist

I’m wearing my Screenland 5K t-shirt with pride!

Meghan Sahli-Wells

Culver City Councilperson

Thank you so much for putting on such a great event! My friends and I had the best time.  We were incredibly impressed with how well organized the entire event was from beginning to end. It was such an amazing experience, we hope to do it again next year!

Bonnie Tuttle

The Screenland 5K was so much fun and rewarding on so many levels.  Congratulations on a great idea and a HUGE success!

Dolores Aguanno

Director, DeeLightful Productions

Congratulations to all of the runners who worked so hard, and I’m so glad to see them finishing so happily.

Bella Marie

My thanks for all the work of the Screenland 5K team. It was a great event and enjoyed by everyone.

David Voncannon

Commissioner, City of Culver City

Thanks for including Connecting to Cure in today’s festivities.  The race was terrific!

Jill Nordquist

Awesome event! Great job.

Donna Thayer

The success, accolades and glory of the Screenland 5K would make Syd Kronenthal (late Culver City Parks and Recreation Director) very proud today. I could feel him reigning down with pride. The event inspired thousands of people to engage in a super-special way.  It generated so much health and positivity.

Lori Escalera

I had a great time at the run this morning!

Chad Gervich

It was a big success. I heard great feedback from many of the participants hoping there would be more 5Ks in the upcoming years. Congratulations, and thanks for the opportunity to be part of the Culver City Centennial.

Linda Hirsh

What a great event today and what an outstanding job each and everyone of you did. This will be an event to be remembered.   My heartwarming thanks to all of you. What a great team!

Ron Kurrle

Pacific Coast Race Timing

That was a great event today.  Congrats on a job well done.

Dannie Cavanaugh

Screenland 5K Scarecrow Partner

From someone who has helped put on many races, all was very smooth.

Brian Panosian

I run a lot of races, and to have the inaugural of an event like the Screenland 5k go so well is a tribute. Terrific work!

John J. Flynn

Awesome event!

Heidi Allison Rhoades

Congrats on an outstanding event.  Having run in and volunteered at quite a few races, this was one of the best. You should all be proud.

Tom Rooney