Screenland 5K Goals

Screenland 5K develops community


The purpose of the Culver City Centennial Screenland 5K and Munchkin Kids Dash is to “develop community” in a healthful and recreational context where participants can interact in a fun, entertaining and safe way, celebrating the city’s heritage and diversity.  Screenland 5K, Inc. is a non-profit public charity 501 (c) (3) raising funds for local charities and for an extraordinary experience for volunteers, runners, spectators and partners.


Acknowledge milestones that shaped Culver City’s history of achievement with an emphasis on entertainment and athletics

Objective: Experience backlots at the Heart of Screenland’s signature studios–Sony Pictures and Culver Studios.

Objective: Feature Culver City’s role as pioneer of Olympic movement in 1932 and 1984 Games and as Special Olympics headquarters.

Objective: Recognize local notables in arts and athletics.

Objective: Commemorate Western Hemisphere Marathon and its founder, Syd Kronenthal, late Director of Parks and Recreation. Acknowledge Culver City Sister Cities Committee marathon exchange with Kaizuka, Japan.

Objective: Pass 100 points of interest on the Centennial Trail directed by entertainers, props and placards.

Champion Culver City as a destination, fostering collaboration of public & private constituencies

Objective: Show off community assets by providing an extraordinary participant experience, offering activities and venues to appeal to a variety of audiences.

Objective: Involve city agencies, clubs, schools, neighborhoods, and other interest groups to produce and promote the event.

Objective: Raise funds for constituencies in a collaborative effort of marketing (more runners), sponsorships (cash and in-kind contributions of services and products) and volunteers (reduced manpower costs).

Objective: Produce a “sustainable” event by working with Culver City Environmental Services Division and other public and private agencies to minimize footprint.

Support fitness and recreation in Culver City with an affordable, fun and safe experience

Objective: Conduct recreational activity that appeals to many abilities and demographics to demonstrate Culver City’s commitment to sound bodies and minds.

Ancillary goals or objectives:
 Provide growth experiences and leadership opportunities for volunteers and partners; Leave a legacy; Enhance civic engagement.

I have been looking forward to this very fun and exciting event all year.

Great job on the Screenland 5k.  We really had a great time.  What a wonderful way for the community to get together and celebrate.

I signed up for the event the day prior because I had just discovered it. I was excited to run through the studios which I always drive by. The event was so well organized and staff so friendly and helpful.

Yet another testimonial

Kim Braun Environmental Director City of Culver City
Rich Hibbs Treasurer Culver City Education Foundation
Leanne Sakamoto
His honore